Kids' Campus Child Care Centre follows an Emergent Curriculum approach to learning. This practice builds on our understanding of how young children learn and develop. This is about pedagogy, the conditions in which children become knowledgeable and socially competent while they develop a love of learning through play. Teachers present children with opportunities to discover the world around them through active and quiet exploration both indoors and outdoors where they are invited to make predictions, test out their ideas and plan for further investigations. The curriculum is child-lead and self-directed. The children's skill development is framed, sustained and extended by responsive and knowledgeable early learning practitioners. Emergent Curriculum evolves from the children's, the teacher's and the family's interests, knowledge and inquiries and flows from one experience into the next. This approach to curriculum ensures that we work collaboratively; inviting children, teachers and families to give input into what children will do and learn.

The Registered Early Childhood Educator Practices Emergent Curriculum by following the lead of the children and creates a safe, inclusive and stimulating environment to encourage each child to explore and learn on various topics of interest.

After observing the children's interests, abilities and developmental needs, the educators collect and present the children with materials and experiences that will extend and deepen their learning. These materials are organized into the environment through learning centres and will provide the children with opportunities to wonder, inquire and investigate while expanding their learning. The children work with open ended materials that enable them to be creative, imaginative and empowered. The children learn language, literacy and numeracy through meaningful play and investigation within the world around them.

The primary objectives of the educator are to be observant, responsive, reflective and accountable while extending and expanding the children's learning through play and inquiry. The teacher uses the Early Learning Framework (ELECT, 2014) and How Does Learning Happen (2014) to support ongoing reflection, planning, assessment and documentation of the child's learning and development.

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